This weekend might be the weekend I make some guitar noise again.

I packed everything away at the close of last year, and I’ve only played three times since then (once at a party I didn’t even want to be at, once when I was tipsy the other weekend, and once for my friend Kathryn who happened to be round and essentially bullied me into it!)- a far cry from the 2 hours every night plus show rehearsals of recent times.

I still don’t appear to have missed playing though. It’s a strange feeling as it used to be the force that kept me going. This year’s events so far just seem to have broken me a little, and I haven’t felt the urge or the need.

At the very least I need to hope that my lovely Irn-Bru Gretsch has missed me and still sings like she used to. Even though it’s my newest guitar, it’s very much mine, almost as much as my first one, and we get on very well.

I’ll have to do it soon- it’s Mum’s wedding and I’m in one of the bands for the reception… No panic then!

I don’t see this as a band reunion, as I still intend that the rest of 2010 passes in a gigless manner. There’s a long booked gig in March 2011, so that year won’t be clear either, but for now, I have five weeks to re-learn a set that took 5 years to learn in the first place.

In closing, I’d like to apologise to my next-door neighbours…