For new readers, please don’t panic- it’s not all religious zealotism! Have a look at previous weeks, there is other stuff!

This past six months have been a little ‘lost’ for me. I’ve not been stuck on a tropical island with a polar bear having to press a button every 10 seconds or anything… I just drifted.

I closed my bands, stopped show rehearsals, and took time out. As it happened my relationship ended during that time as well. Whilst I did a lot of training for that walk thing (see ‘Personal Challenge’ for that), I got mentally lazy. Very lazy indeed.

I didn’t really change how I’ve been acting, as I’ve tried to remain as conscious and present as I can, but I’ve found that I did much less studying and much less meditation, which made staying in control of my mind and emotions that much harder. Ultimately of course, that bred further indiscipline and suddenly it’s six months later.

So, July is here. It’s halfway through the year, and it’s time to get back in gear. Books to be read, mind to be tamed, meditation to be breathed, tiny differences to the world to made.