Well, not quite- one car (thanks Christina & Martin), one plane, one Fiat people mover thing (thanks JG & Trish- multiple journeys within), a boat, and then my car. That was a busy weekend! It was chock full of goodness, top food and the lovliest most awesome people ever.

Also, it encompassed the debut ever gig for my ukulele. Which went down better than the straight stuff JG&I played. Ah well, everyone loves a uke, I guess! Some people appear to be converts, and I think sales may rocket!

In the next few days, I’ll know if I have a similar style journey to make next week, and if that comes off it will be full of interesting and frightening unknowns. Time will only tell on that though.

I have the strangest feeling that I don’t belong where I am at the moment, and I’m very unsettled. Various threads of my life are in limbo (which I’ll detail when they are resolved), and I feel on very uncertain footing. This is an alien feeling to me, as the island has felt like home since about my 3rd day here 20 years ago. The main wobbly stuff should be resolved for absolute certain within a month at the longest, I know that, and that will help.

From that point, there may be three directions, and I have no SatNav for any of them. Looks like I’m flying blind for a bit!

So, to end on a lighter note as this has been a little heavy so far:- who is your fantasy SatNav voice? Mine would have to be Mr T. Who could ever tire of “Turn left, sucka” and “I pity the fool who doesn’t take the second exit of the roundabout”. I guess the only problem would be directions to an airport…