…Oh so peaceful until…”

I had a very quiet weekend. Went to a multi-band gig on Friday night with performances ranging from the entertaining polished rock of Maldune to the incomprehensible growlings of some very angry teenagers indeed. Yes, I’m getting old…

After that, I was very happy to have some quiet introspection for a few days. Sometimes it’s just necessary! As such, there’s not a lot to report.

However, I think that I can sum up JB’s q3 report for you:

I’m sorry if there’s stuff I haven’t said to you. I’m not generally good at talking!
Sorry if I’ve reacted in unexpected way to something you’ve said.
in many ways, JB: could do better, should try harder.

But who knows when I’ll blow a fuse (zing boom) and the devil cuts loose (wham bang). No points for spotting this week’s song!