Courtesy of the postaweek2011 tag, I was led to a blog exploring the question of whether to text or call.

Do you prefer to text or call?

Personally, I far prefer texts or emails than phone call. I always thought it was because it felt more techy, futurey, and science-fictiony (they’re all words… Promise!). As Li Li says in her blog, it’s fast and mobile. I also like that I can read it when I’m ready (like when I’ve finished the washing up, or that bit of the ps3 game I’m playing) and that when I text someone I’m not likely to be interrupt something they might be doing. More than anything, I find life easier to deal with by text or email.

I wrote last week about finding social situations tricky (approaching the place where I’d be using flashcards to order coffee, that sort of thing), and that coupled with my dislike of phone calls and personal issues around general first-person interaction has always troubled me. I’ve had trouble being in crowds the last 12 months or so, and I’m happiest at home.

In short, I felt a little bit pathetic both for how I felt and for finding it hard to deal with, when it felt like there were people with ‘real problems’ out there. Now I find out I might be able to apply a label of Social Anxiety Disorder, and that is something of a relief.

No matter that I can communicate, or how well I appear to do it in extreme situations, that doesn’t mean I like doing it! I’m not going to claim that having a label for the situation makes it any better, but it makes me feel more normal, and that in itself is a help and helps me feel more relaxed.

So I apologise if I don’t answer my phone… Just send me (as a very predictable ending if you know this song) a Message In A Bottle. A text would be fine if you’re nowhere near the sea.