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I’ll make my way back home

…And I’ll learn to fly

Welcome to part 2 of this week’s offering, which means I’m back on schedule!

I mentioned in part 1 that I was off-Island. I’ve been back to the magical land of Tilstock (see the sponsored parachuting page) to start learning to do this parachuting thing without being strapped to anyone on the way down.

In short the (very intense!) course went well- I made it through the day well enough that I would have been allowed to go ahead. Words that I’ve heard over previous visits now make much more sense and have context. The element that worried me most (in-air navigation) seems simpler than I thought, and I’m looking forward to getting cracking.

Unfortunately, the wind was gusting at well over 60 knots all day, so no jumps happened at all this weekend. I’m hoping to come back in a couple of weeks and hopefully the weather will be better then (this date is now “this weekend”).

I’m amazed by this place and the people I’ve met. They’re just so easily accepting of new people in the fold. Maybe it’s because the core visitors and staff are used to transiency in the group, but everyone new, newer, and more seasoned all fit together so well.

And so the weekend is over. Now, as the Foo’s song goes: I’ll make my way back home and I’ll learn to fly. (Well, ok, fall with style… but that wouldn’t have scanned quite so well!)



Theme from The Godfather

Welcome to blog 1 of 2 this week. I know I missed a week, and apologies for that- I was off-island and didn’t have much data allowance to play with!

It recently came to my knowledge that godparents need to be baptised to take up their role.

Now, I can understand the historical reasoning behind this. I’m not one given to questioning a religion’s reasons and beliefs, and I’m not intending to offend anyone who may be Christian. I respect everyone’s right to choose their faith, and long may we live in a country where have that choice.

But, it’s 2011. The UK, according to figures I can find at from the 2001 census, is split as follows: 72% Christian, 15% no religion, 13% other. That’s almost 1 in 3 people not christian, and so ineligible. Who knows how many people who have listed their religion are active in any case!

I’m fully aware of the legal responsibilities, and the moral ramifications of what being a godparent entails, and the rule to me seems needlessly dogmatic in this day and age.

I do not base this view on my religious views (irrelevant for this brief article), but more on the thought: why would a ceremony carried out when you are under 2 years old make you more suitable to take on an adoptive parent role 30 years later?

I hope this comes across as balanced. I do not mean to demean any belief system, but much more I do mean to question rules that have always been in place, and are not re-thought. No pithy link to the title to end this one I’m afraid!