Nothing clever this week,but I do have a lot of things written,ready to publish over the next few days, so brace yourselves!

I was reading Stephen Fry’s excellent The Fry Chronicles recently (ace christmas present- thanks Neil!), part of which retold a story I’ve heard before in which motorbike couriers in London used to be referred to as “donors”.

Which brought me to my point: can anyone explain to me why organ donation in the UK is these days an Opt in?

I understand some people object to organ donation on the basis of their personal beliefs. This is absolutely fine, and I have no quarrel with anyone who does not wish their bits to be used: an opt-out should be allowed, as individual beliefs should always be held important.

But why, when we hear about appeals for organs and shortages of potential matches, is the legal default not “please use anything that works”? As I understand it: even if I carry a donor card and make everyone aware of what my intentions are, one of my family can veto my wishes, and have useful bits burned with the rest of me.

This, to me, is nonsensical. My liver will be stuff all use to me when I’m gone, and may do some good for someone else.

So if you’re reading this, please remind everyone that I do want to be divvied up as would be most useful.