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(Delayed from April for sensitivity reasons!)

A lot of upheaval recently. Mainly in my business life, as there are big changes afoot in the company I work for. On the plus side, it resets my “itchy feet” counter to zero and I get to stay where I am, doing what I do, doing it where I do it!

I know that one of my strengths is handling change. I have been told though, that I can’t be dealing with it as I’m “too far along the change curve, too soon”.

So I think that’s what I get for being frank and honest! Ah well, the more things change, the more they stay the same!

As of this Friday, 1 July 2011, the change will all have happened, and I can get cracking with learning the new ways of doing things. I’m sure some will be better, I’m sure some will be worse, but what I’m looking forward to most is a different desk- that will complete my ‘set’ of primary floors worked on in this building.

That’s got to be worth celebratory cakes, yes?

Turn and face the strain- don’t wanna be a richer man!


woah-oh mercy mercy me

… Coz I’m half the man I used to be…

(From Apr 22)

(Well, not quite half, but hey!). The diet went ok. First week of it was slow, but by the second week my body seemed to be used to it, and I was feeling better and looking better. Over the fortnight, I lost about an inch from the middle, and that was just about what I wanted to achieve.

Gig went very well- we had some issues with the sound (new speakers, new desk… All we need is a sound engineer now!), but we hit the ground running and seemed to keep running to the end!

It appears that I have May and June to prepare for the next gig, 1 July… Given my eating habits, I forsee having to do the same again!

take a look at the law man

…Beating up the wrong guy…

From April 14

Things to think about: this week sees the final launch of a Space Shuttle. A craft that bears a spooky resemblance to the ones seen in the sci-fi classic “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

So much is dreamed about space and space travel. The great science fiction writers have made it their staple, Aasimov being a classic example. For so long, aliens and other worlds have been our dreamscape, and this-worldly escape.

The fans have even got in on the idea- look at the manuals produced by Star Trek fans, with detailed schematics of the various Enterprises and even phasers.

Without Sci-Fi would we have mobiles, or the internet, or even microwaves? The teflon on your frying pan is a result of the space programs.

I can’t imagine why we as a race are saving money on what will be our most likely path to and for the future when so much is being wasted on weapons for in-fighting. It makes me sad to think we would rather buy guns than find out:

Is there life on Mars?

Road Trippin…

…With my two favourite allies

It was a long drive (with snacks and supplies as the Chilli Peppers sang), but I had a lovely holiday last week with my other half, the Lady E, and her son (let’s go with “Little J” for him), and it seemed to short a time.

Sorry to be all loved up, but I had a great trip. Not only the company, but all the new people I met. Plus Tallulah the SatNav (bless her bossy little chipset).

So, back to everyday life after the sunny south coast of the UK. There’s going to be some disjointed weeks with Easter and Royal Wedding plans, which isn’t going to make settling back from a great trip any easier.

Still, gritted teeth, and here goes with real life (hmph!)

(Also, oops… I’ve been writing and not sending. Brace for a raft…)