I’m not a person who craves material things very much. There’s not much more “stuff” that I’d need to be honest with you! But…

Every now and then, something comes around that I become a little obsessed with. I don’t like it – the feeling is distracting and consuming.  If it’s something I can’t quite get yet, I’m trying to work out how I can free up the cash to get it. It’s just gone past Christmas, and this particular bug hadn’t quite bitten in time this year.

I do know from experience that I don’t get into this situation lightly, and whatever the latest “must-have” item is, that when I do get it, it’ll be a carefully thought out purchase and that I’ll get as much if not more use out of it as the price deserves (cases in point are my awesome Gretsch, and my BlackBerry PlayBook, both presents and both much hankered after beforehand!)

But arrrgh, ie just won’t go out of my head. I’m trolling eBay, bottom-feeding and sniping to no avail. I’m checking Amazon, I’m establishing contacts overseas who may be able to source and supply.  I’d just like my head to be a little bit quieter about it now please. You know, so I can get on with stuff like breathing and walking in a straight line. Stupid brain!!

“I want it all, and I want it now”
Queen, I Want It All

(oops, since I wrote this, I’ve accidentally bought what I was writing about. The above still stands though!)