If you could stop laughing long enough to read this…
**Public Service Announcement**
I know of some people who blocked me a number of years ago. This is fine, because reasons.
However, in the last few weeks I have seen comments on mutual friends’ statuses from two people that I know had me blocked. They are each from very different circles of my life, and I’d find it unlikely that they would both unblock me, because… Well, why would they bother! Again, this is fine, because reasons.
If you have blocked someone, bear in mind they might be able to see your ‘public’ profile, and could well be able to send you a message. I haven’t tested the message thing (if someone doesn’t want to hear from me, that’s fine, I’m not going to wake a sleeping bear),
If you’re one of them, please do check that I’m still blocked if you like, or also feel free to refriend if you’d like.
Peace and love, crazy cats and kittens.