As summer is a-coming in (loudly sing cuckoo) and walks with the buggy are more likely, I recently purchased some Bluetooth earphones.

Firstly, a disclaimer:- I wouldn’t class myself as an “audiophile” or anything like that, and to be honest these will be mainly for podcast listening. I’ll just post my thoughts here, rather than a hugely detailed review, but overall I’m very happy.

I went for a GRDE pair from amazon:-


They come in a hard-ish carry case (certainly enough to protect them in your man-bag!), some different sized earpieces (three red, and three black), spare ‘hooks’ advertised as “for balance in the ear”, and a micro usb cable for charging.

First charge was complete in about 90 minutes, and having since charged from low, that’s a pretty good indication.

Pairing was very simple- turn on the phones, search from the mobile, paired. Done!

Playback volume seems pretty high, which is great for power consumption! If may be the output from my BlackBerry, but I’m using the first volume and that’s plenty loud enough for me.

They fit well in my ears, and stay pretty well put as well. Having said that, I’ll be grabbing some of my favourite Shure Triple Flange fittings, which suit me very well indeed.

Battery life I would say is about 6-8 hours for a full charge, which is great! I’ve only charge them twice (which is good, or if forget them if I had to plug them in!).

For the price, absolutely excellent! I’m sure that there are better BT earphones out there, but for 20 quid delivered, for the podcast listening that I’m doing on them, these are fantastic value and not bad earphones!