It seems that the entire world is pregnant at the moment (starting with almost half the ladies in my team at work).

Not that it bothers me, as I don’t see fatherhood in or as my future (especially being single!), but I always feel like I’m underachieving and not maturing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-child, far from it!

I know that it bothers my mother, but that’s more of an aside than anything!

Since I started drafting this from a thought, I’ve met up with two other friends with little bumps and beaming smiles.

Maybe there is always this much procreation about, but you only notice when it happens for someone close to you.

Having said all that, I quite like not maturing, so I’m happy!

I’m also happy for wonderful people like my best mate Neil and his wife Emma who have a junior on the way. I can’t think of a pair who deserve happiness more than they do, and I’m looking forward to meeting their plus-1 in the summer… Let’s hope the littl’un has her looks and his legs, as the other way round would be disastrous!