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Plug it, play it

Well, it’s been a week of delightful serendipitous coincidences!

Last week, I blogged about listening to more music, and completely unannounced and unrelated to the blog a shiny mp3 player arrived from a source-not-to-be-specified.  As an aside, musical mission accomplished!

The awesomely lovely Mrs Barljo and I went out for a meal on a whim. The first place we tried was full, the second was not.  Result was discovery of some great soup. Win!  A perfect date with the perfect wife.

But that’s a summary! This blog is to unfortunately confirm that I’ve joined the dark side. I have clicked “agree” to the terms and conditions, and placed a tick in the box.  Yes, I now have an AppleID.  I’m expecting a knock at the door any day now!

Although, it has confirmed to me that my suspicions about Apple are right.  Setting up a new piece of kit was as easy as plugging it it, and just made it seem like science fiction is here and now.  For me the fun of new kit is getting it set up just right for me, tinkering, messing and generally geeking out. A new (and my very first) iPod did leave me wanting for that experience, but just highlighted first hand that Apple have made pretty high-functioning tech (phones and mp3 players in general) available to the masses.

Not their Macs which still need something like the sale of a kidney though!

“Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it.
Drag it, drop it, zip/unzip it”
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take a look at the law man

…Beating up the wrong guy…

From April 14

Things to think about: this week sees the final launch of a Space Shuttle. A craft that bears a spooky resemblance to the ones seen in the sci-fi classic “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

So much is dreamed about space and space travel. The great science fiction writers have made it their staple, Aasimov being a classic example. For so long, aliens and other worlds have been our dreamscape, and this-worldly escape.

The fans have even got in on the idea- look at the manuals produced by Star Trek fans, with detailed schematics of the various Enterprises and even phasers.

Without Sci-Fi would we have mobiles, or the internet, or even microwaves? The teflon on your frying pan is a result of the space programs.

I can’t imagine why we as a race are saving money on what will be our most likely path to and for the future when so much is being wasted on weapons for in-fighting. It makes me sad to think we would rather buy guns than find out:

Is there life on Mars?