…With my two favourite allies

It was a long drive (with snacks and supplies as the Chilli Peppers sang), but I had a lovely holiday last week with my other half, the Lady E, and her son (let’s go with “Little J” for him), and it seemed to short a time.

Sorry to be all loved up, but I had a great trip. Not only the company, but all the new people I met. Plus Tallulah the SatNav (bless her bossy little chipset).

So, back to everyday life after the sunny south coast of the UK. There’s going to be some disjointed weeks with Easter and Royal Wedding plans, which isn’t going to make settling back from a great trip any easier.

Still, gritted teeth, and here goes with real life (hmph!)

(Also, oops… I’ve been writing and not sending. Brace for a raft…)