This was a note I wrote back in March 2008, when I was packing to sell my flat, to buy a house.  Ultimately, I didn’t sell or move until July 2009, but I think the sentiment still stands, and I quite like the writing I did with this one…

“In ancient China, there was a curse:- “May you live in interesting times”. I used to believe this was particularly harsh.

However, I was walking around the flat this morning after a heavy weekend of packing stuff up, and I realised that at the moment, I was living in the place that I bought nearly six years ago, not the place that I’d made it over that time.

I had a wonderful helper on Sunday afternoon, which just goes to show that two pairs of eyes are better than one when you’re splitting stuff into ‘keep’ and ‘throw’ piles. That second glance over the “keep” pile, and the ensuing “Seriously, John – why are you keeping this?” does wonders for the relative size of said heaps.

I hadn’t realised how much rubbish I’d accumulated over time! Now to the next stage of selling my home and buying a new place for my life.

And the memories. Oh the memories. I found things that brought a lot of thoughts back. Things that had got buried brought back smiles, and also a few tears at happy times gone by. It’s memories that shape my every day without knowing it. I raised a glass to them (Dr Pepper, but a glass nonetheless!)

I’m in a great place right now of getting some whole new memories to carry with me forever. It’s a new chapter for JB, and I’m very happy about things. Looking to move out is finding a new place for that chapter.

Here’s to the future. May you all live in interesting times. In a good way.”