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Full Moon fever

Just a short one…

The world has been crazy the last few days- short fuses, apparently unintended antagonistic behaviours, daft clumsy injuries, general aggro, and even I had a tantrum on saturday evening…

It appears that this particular full moon (tonight) is being a bit of a git. I never really believed in that sort of thing, but my auntie did my horoscope when I was months old and it’s scarily true.

Not the ‘cancerians may be feeling fragile’ type horoscope, but the one based on when and where I was born, which picked up stuff about me you can’t possibly pick up when a person is months old. Also, my Nan picked up that I went a bit crazy as a toddler around full moon time.

Of course, the moon’s influence has passed into folklore, giving us the words ‘lunatic’ and ‘lunacy’ etc. The “fact” that more murders/serial killings happen around full moon is not bourne out, and remains an urban legend…

In short, for the next few days people: just take that extra half breath before snapping at someone, and remember it’s probably not their fault: It’s the moon. (Cue Mighty Boosh cutaway…)



Quick intro

Hello there! Thanks for popping in.

I’m a rockabilly buddhist from a small island. There aren’t many rockabilly buddhists, so I consider that my unique selling point!

I’m a sensitive type, despite the guitar posturing that comes out, and I’ve started this blog to try and verbalise things for myself without bothering my friends (who are sometimes involved, but mostly have better stuff to worry about).

Right now (May ’10) I feel like the worst buddhist ever, but an essay will follow on that front.

Updates on this and other situations will follow.  I’m going to try and be strict with myself and do this weekly (ish!) – any thoughts, pointers, feedback etc are very welcome!

Thanks again for stopping by- comments of any sort and by any medium are very welcome!