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Anti choice

**warning** opinion and language ( also essay) ahead…

A couple of weeks ago, there was a demonstration held here on the Isle of Man against some proposed reform to our abortion law. It was raining heavily. I wrote this, but didn’t want to inspire any further “heated debate” on social media on the day. It’s all calmer now, so here goes.

Such fitting weather for that anti-choice shower of bastards to be out in. No, you’re not pro-life, you’re anti-choice, deal with it.

May you all get piss-wet through, catch a cold, and have a thoroughly miserable christmas break.

Hearsay follows:
I saw a post on Facebook yesterday saying that they wear body-cams, and use footage on their website. Often heavily edited to only include and aggressive reactions from people rather than any provoking language from themselves, and put on their website to show how theirs is ‘the good fight’. This may or may not be true, but it’s probably safer to not engage and let them shout their misogynistic outdated patriarchal bile into the void.

*Free speech and freedom to protest*

Free speech is one thing, and it is an honour and a privilege to live in a place where it’s allowed, and indeed encouraged. I have no problem with that. When they shout ‘we can’t be silenced, everyone is allowed a voice’, why do they not consider the ladies who they are silencing by not allowing them the choice to make what is clearly a very hard decision?

I *do* have a problem with inappropriate pictures in public places. In the same way you’re allowed peaceful demonstration, you’re *allowed* to take pictures of people getting down and dirty, but it’s not really appropriate to stand in the street with those pictures on a big board…


Silence is Golden

This week, I have privated my blog.

It kind of displays my feelings around the Isle of Man postal workers strike, and it will either get me into trouble with my own employers or upset one or the other side of the Postal Workers spit.

So, for this week, the silence is golden (but my eyes still see!)