I’ve been doing a lot of walking this year (by which I mean 20 miles at a time). Not in a straight line, but in circuits so that I can replenish drink/food at home on the way by. It’s only a relatively small Island, so things can get repetitive…

This evening, as I came round the headland near my house (Groudle) I saw the familiar scene across the Bay (Douglas Bay) and I realised that after countless times of having seen it, it was still beautiful.

The rather trite phrase occurred that when I am tired of the stunning views and scenery that this little Island repeatedly offers I would be tired of seeing anything at all!

“Gem of God’s Earth” is a line from our national anthem, and it would do everyone who lives here some good to remember that line every now and then. We are truly blessed to be here, and I will make a conscious effort to remind myself of that.

We have all seasons here (sometimes all at the same time!), and in every season we have a beautiful view. Yellow gorse in summer haze, purple heather through autumn mist, every shade of green from trees and plants just now and snow topped hills in winter. Traa-dy-looar (manx for “time enough”, equivalent to ‘manyana’) seems to have disappeared- We should all raise our heads more and just look around.

Davey Knowles (local singer/songwriter now doing some very big things in America) summed it up for me with his line from ‘Roll Away’ which goes “I love this place with my breath and my bones, and I’ll always call this Island my home”.

Long may I be lucky enough to live where home is…