So, last weekend I had one of my ‘few-and-far-between’ migraines. Normally, the only cost is a lost weekend, but this one was more annoying as I missed a festival weekend as a result.

For the uninitiated, there are various types of migraines. On weekends like this, I get a few of them, all at the same time:- sickness, fever (hot and cold), flashing lights whether my eyes are closed or open, vision issues, the most intense pain (mine is head based), and the feeling that I’d like to take my skin off.

This time, I was spared the brain-racing delirium that sometimes sets in which looking back was a relief. (key example for one attack was reciting the days of the week as Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun and being unable to spot what was missing).

Every person who gets them has different causes, so I can’t say what brought this on- I hadn’t slept since the Tuesday night, and the attack started on Saturday afternoon, but that may be either cause or symptom. I had been Mannifest ( on the Friday night and just when the attack started- it may have been strobes, although I don’t think so as a) I didn’t see any that I know of and b) Event Lighting Services ( who overuse strobes to a dangerous and non-Health&Safety compliant level quite frankly) were not involved. It could have been anything.

It’s not that I’ve just lost a weekend to being ill, that’s just a way of life for a migraine sufferer. I’m actually grateful that they only affect me every 18 months or so- some people suffer these monthly and weekly. It’s also not that I spent 50 quid on a weekend ticket and only used about a fifth of it.

The worst thing is that I’m upset that I missed so many of my friends playing (sorry especially to Clara Barker, Truman Falls, Anna Goldsmith, and Christy DeHaven) but glad that I managed to catch Chris Flood, Planes over Paris, and Grambo. I’m upset that I didn’t get to see so many cool acts from the UK and further afield, but glad that I managed to catch King Porter Stomp and others. I’m also upset that I didn’t get to spend more time and hang out with so many of my friends who were also there.

Ah well, there’s always next year…