…Beating up the wrong guy…

From April 14

Things to think about: this week sees the final launch of a Space Shuttle. A craft that bears a spooky resemblance to the ones seen in the sci-fi classic “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

So much is dreamed about space and space travel. The great science fiction writers have made it their staple, Aasimov being a classic example. For so long, aliens and other worlds have been our dreamscape, and this-worldly escape.

The fans have even got in on the idea- look at the manuals produced by Star Trek fans, with detailed schematics of the various Enterprises and even phasers.

Without Sci-Fi would we have mobiles, or the internet, or even microwaves? The teflon on your frying pan is a result of the space programs.

I can’t imagine why we as a race are saving money on what will be our most likely path to and for the future when so much is being wasted on weapons for in-fighting. It makes me sad to think we would rather buy guns than find out:

Is there life on Mars?