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I apologise in advance. It’s a very high horse I’m on this evening. I’m happy to confirm that we’re going to ACE Hire tomorrow to get a ladder so I can get down ;-).

What is people’s problem with the speed limit? 

I’m talking to you, clown in a silver Peugeot who overtook me whilst I was making the correct progress, and subsequently cut me up at speed on King Edward Road by Port Jack going uphill with cars parked on the other side of the road this evening.

I’m also talking to you, well known local printing firm van driver, inches from the back bumper of my car with my stepson, and pregnant wife in, again this evening.

That’s two examples from today alone.

It’s the law. The law isn’t negotiable- an absolute figure is given, and you’re either sticking to it or you’re not. Simple. Anything else is selfish and/or dangerous.

I’m a bit cheesed off right now and I apologise.

“Slow down you’re moving too fast, you’ve got to make the moment last”.
Feeling Groovy – Simon and Garfunkel


Ticket to Ride

I promise I’ll keep this short!

I know that most people reading this will already know what’s happened, but it’s just to stop me thinking about it.

This week, I got a parking ticket.  Strange, really, but I did. On my scooter. Parked in a motorcycle bay.

Long story short, the Isle of Man statute says very clearly that lmotorcycles are exempt from all disc zone parking restrictions”, and I don’t know how a ticket can be given for “parking longer than permitted”.

I’d like to say “it’s fine… I’m over it”, but we all know that I’m not! I’ll update this when the appeal of the ticket comes through.

“Ticket to Ride”
Ticket to Ride- The Beatles

Here comes the sun

So, it’s a little breezy on the Island this week.  and that’s saying something as we get our fair share of breeze!

It’s felt a little like The End Of Days recently- rain, floods, storm surges and all that. We finally had a dry day the other day, totalling 1 this year, but then yesterday reverted to downpour!  We travelled off the island yesterday, down to Brighton-ish, and found more rain.  Much more rain! It reminded me that maybe we haven’t had it quite so bad at home.

Having said that, though, as I write this on Saturday morning, it’s a beautifully still, crisp, clear and dry spring morning. Long may that continuem or at least until after we have flown back home on Sunday.

Stay safe, in particular everyone on The Island where I believe that everything is being battoned down in readiness for another battering from the elements.

“Here comes the sun, it seems like years since it’s been here”
The Beatles, Here Comes The Sun