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So, it’s October. Supposedly and statistically the most likely time that depression kicks in and alcoholics turn heavier to the bottle.

Trouble is, I don’t feel like that this week. The crisp bright mornings wake me up better, I’m nearly uninjured again so can get back to training soon, there are adventures to look forward to, and new & exciting stuff to talk about. In short, light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Only one thing really remains to sort out, but I need to stick that out for a few more months, and then take steps to resolve that too. I can afford not to worry about that right now, as there is nothing I can do about it so worrying would just be a waste of energy.

It may seem a little like Fever Pitch in that my ups and downs are following Liverpool’s football fortunes, but I know that’s not it. Honest.

I’m not saying that things don’t suck sometimes. They do. But my recent time of suckiness seems to be unsucking itself.

(I’m not overly proud of that paragraph, but writing it in proper-speak made it sound like a therapy session. Using ‘suck’ in it’s various declensions sounded easier to read).

The only plum that I need to finish off the pie (it’s all about pie!) is a bit more positive thinking from yours truly. So, let’s get at it, JB. Get stretching and exercising that ankle and get out there on 21 October. 10 miles to start do we reckon?

So, to finish off the song chorus for this blog:

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life. It’s a new world for me…

And I’m feeling good.

(If you only know the Michael Bublé version, check out any Nina Simone version on YouTube. I far prefer it!)



Personal challenge

Well, just a quick post-parish walk blog.

‘The Parish’ is a competitive event, run under UK race walking rules. The course is 85 miles, with a 24 hour time limit. Various checkpoints along the way have cut-off times.

The course weaves around the Island, calling at the primary church of each of our Parishes (some similarity to Sheadings in the UK, or Counties in the US but on a much smaller scale!)

Proper information can be found on http://www.parishwalk.com

First, what I achieved: I made the Kirk Michael church, which is 39 miles, at 1740, or 9hrs40mins. That’s an average speed of just over 4mph, which is pretty much what I was aiming for.

Here’s what I set out to achieve: the Jurby church, which is 42.5 miles., at around 1830.

I’ve been training since September, from a position of little-to-no fitness and zero experience of walking, so in some respects I’ve achieved well.

I am disappointed with and angry at myself for having to retire when I did, a decision which was ultimately taken for me by an ankle injury.

There are no excuses to make, or reasons to placate myself, but I can take solace in my speed (on target) fitness (on target!) and recovery. Legs, feet, and non-existent blisters have been fine. This troublesome ankle will take longer to be fine…

So, the future is: couple of weeks rest and stretch. Followed by more stretch and back to training for next year- I will finish next year, injury permitting.

You can quote me on that.